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     “Name Card”is self-brief introduction, also the micro advertisement for business and company. It is almost to change name card for the first meeting, which is the most direct and simple way of introducing self to others. At the same time, your symbol for status & success.
Different class name card for different impression, it is just like smoking, which gives the most direct impression:“better smoking, more wealthy”So the name card, as status-introduction, can not be ignored by its value character.
The traditional paper name card is used popularly ,because of the ordinary paper material and low technique. Today, the paper has not the symbol function for status, and name card of paper is threw anywhere.
The price for paper name card has fallen to 8 to 10 Yuan(RMB) from early 50,or 60 Yuan(RMB), which showed that the profit of making the paper name card is very little. With the development of the market, new product is expecting to be coming up.
Since the founding of the company, four kinds metal name card technique has been developed, which called for first , second, third, and fourth technique. Related equipment and the above four kind metal material for name card , are all researched and developed by ourself. Success has been obtained upon selling the products, we are pushing them to market by cooperation now.
Colorful metal name card is alloy material, thin like the paper, but good at its strength & elasticity, it is full of novelty , high class. It not only meets the curiosity of the people, but also shows the user’s position, status. Multi-color and style decide certain value of collecting, it is favored by governmental ,business people, the substitute for traditional name card, the highest class for name card.
The coming of new colorful metal name card symbolized the presenting of the value name card. It is popular abroad for its metal touching character and collection value, and now flowing among domestic cities. It has began to become what the governmental and business man are newly pursuing.. It also meets the needs for business, beauty parlor, hotel that will use it for VIP and favored card.
Possessing of the“colorful metal name card”not only shows the company profile, but also shows a success entrepreneur’s grace, and unique character. It can assistant you on competitive market, and avoid any missing the chances of doing business with others.
The presenting of flashing “colorful metal name card ” to people can not only increase their trust on you , but also improve the name for user’s status, position, business, which will make you well treated, increase the possibility of keeping your name card. The paper name card can not make you recognized, they are always left around, when you want to find them, they had gone away, this will lead you to loss the business with others.