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    1. How many technics for making metal name card are available with your company?
Reply: We have four technics for making the metal name card, which are called such first technics. second technics, third technics and fourth technics.
    The first technics is operated with silk screen, the theory of which is simple, low cost investment, wide range making. But when operate, the technical procedure is very complicated(Generally, it will take at least two hours to make one hundred 3-color name cards with two sides printing, also the inferior rate is very high ), besides, the silk screen printing also has obvious shortage: it can not print complicated design and too much colors, which means the needs for beautiful design can not meet. This technique had ever been popular for some time, but now the third technique has taken the place of the first one.
    The second technique originated from the water transfer printing. By adjusting the mechanical part of the printer and adding special ink, the metal name card can be printed directly.(two pieces printed for each time). The metal name card with this technique is abundant in color and can reach the effect of the paper name card, but it will lead to damage of the printer or erosion to the head of the printer because it changes the mechanical part of the printer , also the ink is grease contained ink which has the causticity .Besides the speed is slow, and more than one and half hours is needed for 100 pieces as well as high inferior rate. So this technique is lack of practical production significance, and are not well recommended to customers.
The transfer printing theory for the third technique name card. The design and words printed on the paper through the printer are transfer printed onto the metal name card , such procedure is called transfer printing. This technique has 4 advantages:
    a. Printing speed is fast-----one box of 100 pieces metal name card can be finished in about 15 minutes with two sides printed only once , no inferior problems.
   b. Printing effect is very good---the current popular printing effect for colorful name card can be reached, besides it is metal material, so the whole effect is more perfect.
c. The equipment is available for many use, which can transfer print all kinds metal words and design as well as metal name card.
    d. It is easy to operate and learn, printing cost is low. Although the third technique of transfer printing is little more invested early time, its printing cost for metal name card is the lowest among the four techniques, suitable for mass production because of its easy operation, fast speed and none inferior, etc.
    The fourth technique for metal name card is our company newly developed technique , which adopts the transfer printing theory. Its most advantage is the little investment, it only needs an ordinary inking printer(any brand is ok), with daily used ink, no extra invest on special equipment, as well as easy operation. But is has two disadvantages: a. the average cost is big; b. the variety is single---only for metal name card, not like the third equipment capable of doing multi-products.
    The third and the fourth technique is most advanced two techniques for metal name card, they have vantages and disadvantages like the following: the third technique is little big investment in early time, but its cost is the lowest among all the techniques, very suitable for customers with big needs on business , because of its mature technique as well as its all accessories has already been well available in the market. The fourth technique is unique, early invest is little(one transfer printer is ok as well as color ink printer and computer ), but transfer printing paper’s price is high, which causes the higher cost than other technique’s cost for the metal name card. It is only suitable for small amount need for this.

        2What is the procedure for four different techniques, the difference for material?
    1. The procedure for the first metal name card

Design the name card—print by black and white laser printer---making the plate—print---roast---finished
    2. The procedure for the second metal name card

Design name card----direct printing the metal name card----roast----finished
    3.The procedure for the third metal name card
Design name card----EPSON ink printer----transfer print---finished
    4.The procedure for the fourth metal name card
Design name card----ordinary ink printer---transfer print---finished

        The material for the name card are magnesium & aluminium alloy , with its oxidated color. The material for the metal name card includes such three patterns as luxury flower carving pattern, luxury magnanimous pattern, delicate smart pattern. The difference is the material for the second technique is added by one more layer for direct printing,  the third technique is added by one more layer for direct moving printing, the fourth technique is added by one more layer for direct transfer printing.